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Aberdeen’s fifteenth-century town council registers illuminate the workings of this Scottish burgh in a way unsurpassed by other Scottish urban records of the era. They also demonstrate the interconnections of people and ideas across northern Europe in the age of the renaissance.

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Search Aberdeen Registers is a prototype web application to facilitate search within the Aberdeen Registers Online (ARO) corpus.

For more on the ARO corpus, and for citation, copyright and licence information, and a basic how to search guide for Search Aberdeen Registers, see the Aberdeen Registers Online (ARO) website. ARO is a digital transcription of the first eight volumes of the Aberdeen council registers. The ARO resource was created as an outcome of the project Law in the Aberdeen Council Registers, 1398-1511: Concepts, Practices, Geographies (LACR).

Copyright in the application presented here is vested in the University of Aberdeen. It is based on the application created under the supervision of Adam Wyner by Radostin Stoyanov, Marcel Zak, Cameron Beck, Jack Burn, and Jan Siemaszko, and published in 2017 under licence at

Council Register Images used in Search Aberdeen Registers are copyright © Aberdeen City Council. Used by permission.